Imagine the silence and a powerful untamed nature…..untouched forest, and crocodile filled lakes. On the river, a small canoe gently rows through the king palm trees. Nature awakes. In the first light of dawn, the golden elephants approach the river to drink. A group of still impalas watching us move between the hippopotamuses and crocodiles are disturbed by our passage.

The largest African reserve is crossed by the Rufiji River and its tributaries which forms a network of lakes ideal for boat safaris.

Wildlife observation and bird watching (350 catalogued species) take place in a superb natural setting. Respecting nature’s rhythm, you can be assured of close contact with the wildlife. With elephant population of over 50,000 and more than 5000 leopards, the Selous has undoubtedly the most rewarding game to offer. Other rare species include the African hunting dog. The Park provides home for some of the last remaining black rhinos.

Few other safaris in Tanzania evoke the romance, mystique and spiritual delight of the African Bush as one in the Selous Game Reserve. Embracing 54,000 square kilometres of south-western Tanzania, it is the largest protected wilderness reserve on the continent, three times larger than the Serengeti and twice the size of Belgium.